five new drone invention for human being purpose

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today we know about the new drone invention for human being’s purpose.

let’s start with our first drone

  1. 1.yuneec typhoon plus drone: if u love to doing photography then this one is the perfect option for you. in this drone you get high-quality video recording in 4k ultra HD which makes your vision realistic. these drone wings are foldable which makes it easy to carry it’s remote make it special because it comes in touchscreen. it has six rotors normally drone comes in five rotors which make it highly reliable in extreme conditions .it has a high camera quality for taking cinematic view. In this drone intel chipset inbuilt by which it performs face detection and follow-me features.
  1. 2.poweregg drone: the design of this drone makes it unique because its shape is like an egg. this drone is fully foldable and also can fold in fly conditions it is used by single-handed by this drone you can record 360-degree wide-angle ultra 4k video which proves its high quality. it can fly 23 minutes in single charging
  1. 3.parrot beepop 2 drone: for photography lover, it is made because in this drone you get 14 megapixels wide-angle high-quality camera. there is a sunshine sensor on its top and multispectral sensor on its bottom. you can plan smart flying by your smartphone and auto-landing feature available in this drone. fly up to 20 m
  1. 4.ghost drone: you seen a lot of drones before which are controlled by any remote device but this drone is controlled by your smartphone by installing its application. flight planning option is provided in this done and landed by a single click.there is a VR goggle provided in the accessories box by which you can stream live stream of drone camera recording.
  1. 5.skydio R1 drone: you have seen in the action movies for stunt seen drone is used but it is not easy to control the drone in this drone you get really amazing features it has to follow me features by you can easily make your video. it has eight cameras one in front and others are at its besides which makes the video wide angle 4k UltraHD.